Welcome to our site!  We’re glad you stopped by!

We are a small rabbitry located in Montgomery Texas dedicated to helping FFA & 4H students with their project.

We started raising Californian Meat Pen Rabbits in 1998.  With the help of Ed Hauerland.  Our girls, Tracy & Shelly Richards, did very well winning Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Grand and Resv. Grand Champion Meat Pens as well as Grand Champion & Resv. Grand Champion at our Montgomery County Fair.  We took a break after the girls graduated, and sold the rabbitry,  but in 2015 we started back again with the Grandkids.  With the help of Jason Platt of 3P Rabbitry pointing us in the right direction, we were able to figure out where the best rabbits were at this time.

I’ve always been told “it costs just as much to feed a good animal as it does a bad one so always buy the absolute best you can afford!”   With God’s help we managed to find Paul Strunk of  “Californian Rabbits-Strunk” or Photos Strunk Rabbits  in Oklahoma.  Paul has raised rabbits almost his entire life and has bred his own line of the best Californian rabbits in the nation as far as I’m concerned.  Paul Strunk was “The one to beat”!   Paul has forgotten more about rabbits than I will ever know, and thank God he has become a great mentor and a friend!  🙂   In 2016 Paul allowed us to purchase some excellent foundation stock from which we placed 4th and 9th Meat Pen at the HLSR (Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo) in 2017!  We were also blessed to have won BOB at the same show and went on to win 2nd Runner up In Show.    We have also won Grand Champion Meat Pen at the “Southern Classic Meat Pen & Single Fryer show in 2017 as well as BOB in both of the Californian specialty shows they have at the same time.   In 2018 we have won Grand Champion Meat Pen at our Montgomery County Fair, 1st place Californian Single Fryer at the Southern Classic show as well as 6th place Meat Pen.  These rabbits Show as well as they do in Meat Pens!

We sold our first “Customer” stock this last year and we have several good sale placings at County Fairs as well as a Resv. Grand Champion Meat Pen and a Grand Champion Single Fryer.  Good genetics are only half the equation here, these kids did an excellent job of feeding and conditioning their bunnies.

All of our breeding stock is registered “Red, White & Blue” with the ARBA thanks to Paul’s excellent record keeping.  We are continuing with the registrations of all our breeding stock.  Sadly,  Paul went out of business in 2018 due to health reasons.   We are proud to say that we have 100% Paul Strunk rabbits in our barn today and they are producing very well for us and our customers.  We are not a very large rabbitry, running only around 30 does, but we believe in raising quality over quantity!  We work very hard at keeping these rabbits healthy & cool in this SE Texas heat, but we do, so we can breed year round.  We take extra pride in helping 4H & FFA students with Meat Pen projects, or breeding age rabbits if they raise their own but we are always willing to help anyone, even if you’re just looking for some top quality stock to improve your herd or just need some help on raising your rabbits.

If we can breed for your next project please contact us early as books do fill up fast.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you with nest boxes full of winners! 😉

Located in: Montgomery Texas

Text us at:  936-788-3309

Email:         richardsmeatpenrabbits@gmail.com

Facebook: Facebook Page



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